Relationship between Weather Update Interval and Forced Weather Updates?

Hello. Still a bit new to all this. Using latest released KLWP...

It seems like when I have a item touch set to force a weather update, it is not always doing so. I am using OpenWeather and comparing their website to what I see in KLWP. And very often they do NOT match (or even be close).

I got a free API key and can test the API in my browser and compare that to the website. And these seem to be in-sync. My api call (Current Weather API) is like this:{city code}&appid={api key}&units=imperial. I am not sure if KLWP is using one of the other APIs (like OneCall or Hourly or Daily). It would be good to know.

I am wondering if there is some relationship between the globally set weather update period and being able to perform forced updates? Or is there some limit to the number of weather requests that can be made in a given interval? Perhaps this is causing the issue I see?