"ReadMe" file for presets


A function which is desperately needed for those sharing presets within the community is a way to "introduce" the theme, or include additional information (such as the global variable naming shorthand system, intended usages and additional functions, additional links to the creator's web profiles, etc.)

This information could be displayed the first time (or every time outside of a small range) a preset is loaded, which would benefit any users loading presets from an unfamiliar creator, who may use a different methodology when creating presets.

I would also suggest adding another button so that the user could easily access this "readme", such as in the 3 dot menu or the slide out menu.

Perhaps this sort of functionality could be integrated into the globals menu: then the creator of the preset could easily edit the "readme" as they go, instead of having to go through a laborious documentation process before exporting, they can check the readme for accuracy and export, which makes sharing enjoyable rather than annoying.