Quote of the day error in Global list

Hi! I was trying to create a module to alternate among a quote of the day and the next 3 events of muy calendar. So I made a Global list including the respective formules and a module text with contact touch to apply it. Then, I wrote in the text area the formule $gv("name of the global list")$ and here is the problem. The quote doesn't be applied and detects this error: "invalid argument count for wg". There's no problem with ci formulas, only with quote ones. I just coppied and pasted the formula, I don't know if I have to add or change something.
I'm just a novice with this, so I don't know if its a real problem or just a novice problem xD

Can you post the full formula giving the error?

Yes, I copied this one in the global list

$wg("api.theysaidso.com/qod.xml", xml, "//quote")$

Ok, so you have that formula in a global list and when you select that item it gives an error, correct?

Yes, that's it. Maybe with some screenshots it could be easier to explain :P.
This is the global list I made with 3 calendar formulas and the wg one

That's how the item looks in my wallpaper. Here you can see the first and second calendar events (it changes with a contact)

But when the quote formula reaches, nothing appears,

I also made a global list with the formula quote as unique option, and here you can see the error