Quick toggle (or set through kode) the Default Music Player


I've looked for helpt though the Google plus community but so far not found a solution.

Is there anyway to set the default music player via a formula? Id like to I use either a switch or a location based formula to set it to so my wallpaper plays Spotify when I'm not home, XBMC when I am, media player when at work etc.

If I set default music player in your settings to auto, google Play seems to default as they player after a while and if both app are running in background then the widget may be the wrong player etc.

I guess what I would like to know is if there's a way to say set $mi(package)=com.spotify.music$ ?

I could then set it based on switches, locations, Tasker variables etc.



This is not currently possible, you can request a new feature in the ideas forums or you can set the player to automatic and then start the player somehow (via an external task) to make Kustom automatically switch (not sure if this will work though)