Question about complications

I’m currently using $cd(1, stext)$ for my Steps complication, which works fine, but I’ve tried numerous complication formulas for my second slot (heart rate) and none of them work. $cd(2, rval)$ gives me a “0” on the screen and Anthony else is blank. I’m using stock Samsung complications on a GW6.

Also for whatever reason sometimes when I select a complication to go into the second slot, it makes my steps value disappear. I know for a fact that I’m every instance of this the formulas were designated 1 and 2 as I’ve shown above. I only get it back by messing with changing the complications or discarding the changes and reloading the watch face.

ALSO I don’t get how you’re supposed to know what type of format a complication is coded in. What is the point of differentiating between short text and long text? Couldn’t long text cover both?