Question about album cover extraction color returning white by default

Hello, I am a new user of kwgt.
I have created a music player widget using kwgt 3.74 version, I have set the base color of the widget to white, the song title, the album title, and the artist name using the commands $bp(vibrant, mi(cover))$, $bp(muted, mi(cover))$, and $bp(dmuted, mi(cover))$, respectively. These three commands to extract their respective colors.
My problem is that when the extracted color is a white-based color or the album cover color has not yet been extracted (at which point it will return white by default), the title color and the base color of my widget overlap, rendering it invisible.
I was hoping to enter a valid if command that would avoid outputting white in this case, and I tried the lum command to test the brightness of the extracted color, but unfortunately to no avail.