Quality problem

Why the date widget is of low quality splcly borders?

Are you using a clip mask in the text? Or its just drawing in CLEAR mode in an overlap group?

I'm using background mask.

Are you on latest release?

Im having a similar issue also (on version 3.25)

Using for the text (17;20; FRI 30 JUN): Fx/Mask/Blurred Background
On top of that theres another module with the same text but is coloured white and transparent
While all of this is on a gradient almost black rectangle which the text is sort of clipping through.

What i feel like this is is essentially the mask cuts out all the pixels of the text including the partially transparent antialiasing around the edges (which normally makes the text smooth)
For this to function properly it would need to cut out with regard to transparency, like take the initially 90% transparent pixel and put a 10% removal of color in that location from the background image and/or shape.

Well i have mostly no idea how any of this works so if my recommendation isnt valid im sorry just trying to help

Im starting to think this is like an android issue or something because while in editor blurred background mask looks perfect even when zoomed but when i apply the wallpaper quality drops badly. Any known fix?

Why hasnt this been fixed yet? Its been over a year already this bug is so annoying. The shape masks have rough edges there is no workaround for this its so annoying.

I havent been using Kustom for a while now but if you look down and see my issue i had with the clock there was actually a workaround and after some time i managed to make it work as it should. Sadly i dont remember how exactly i did it but i can assure you there was a workaround you just need to use different modules and most importantly use groups. I think that i got it working through groups? Perhaps... Cant recall properly sorry.