Pulse Circle to pulse when battery is below 30%

Hello all,

Hoping someone can help get my circle pulsing, I have created simple a circle shape, colour blue, stroke at 20 to create ring sized 400.

Animation loop, complex animation

Scale xy straight 0 transparency 100, scale xy straight 0.75 transparency 0, scale xy 1.0 transparency 100.

Duration calculation $gv(duration)$

Delay calculation $gv(delay)$

My aim is to have this pulse around the outside by my apologies clock when battery is sub 30% is there a formula or way to do this?

The complex animation is this, complex, you need to test many options.

Here you have some tutorials from Brandon Craft, maybe this can help you.


In this case in particular, maybe you can test to start with

Scale xy straight 1 and end with scale xy straight 0.

maybe this is an option.


My circle pulse (10 stroke, 400 width) uses this for the pulse:

0% Scale XY -> 0.0 [straight] transparency (0-100)-> 0.0 [straight]

30% Scale XY -> 0.75 [straight] transparency (0-100) -> 0.0[straight]

100% Scale XY -> 1.0 [straight] transparency (100-0) -> 100.0 [straight]

This gives it a nice effect. Kinda booms out, slows, then disappears :) Try playing about with the 30% bit, try 40%, or 25% etc it'll change the visual a little. If you want to hide it until the battery itself is at 30%, you'll need to use the layer, visibility option and add the code:

$if(bi(level)<30, always, never)$

This should work. Let me know how you get on.