Provide a proper documentation for the Formulas language

Please provide a proper documentation for the expression language used in formulas, including:

  • A complete reference with argument lists and return values, along with descriptions
  • A complete operator list
  • Boolean expression resolution (in if(...)), i.e. what resolves to true and what to false
  • Default conversion rules for when a variable of certain type is used as or stored in a global of a different type - if there is such a thing, as there seems to be.

The current state of basically a few examples is very underwhelming, the few examples there are do a poor job. I'm quickly running out of patience trying to find out how it works by trial and error. Very basic things like the != operator aren't mentioned anywhere (EDIT: I just noticed it in the last example. Completely missed it the first time reading it.). It's very frustrating trying to figure out the weird behaviour when several functions are nested and suddenly something stops working. It's even hard to tell what is a bug and what is the intended behaviour.

Hi! Full reference for the functions is available here while the boolean and math stuff is described here. If there is anything missing i can try to add it, just let me know. Also, if you have issues please open a problem with a way to reproduce the problem and details on whats happening.

The functions link is broken, but yeah, I've read all of those. I've tried to describe what's missing in general terms in the OP. A well structured and full featured documentation. I realize I may act a bit like a spoiled kid here, but on the other hand, I paid for the pro version, so I kinda have a feeling I should be getting a complete product. I'm also a developer by profession, and these days I'm not used anymore to this trial and error approach, I just go and read the frigging docs. I'd think you understand, being the dev behind something like Kustom. And congratulations, btw., it's awesome :)

yeah i feel your paint and absolutely agree that a better more structured doc would be great but unfortunately this is a one man show right now and its very difficult for me to have something more detailed than that, i brought this site up in the hope that questions and answers will kind of fill that gap

regarding the "pro" i also understand your point and the only thing i can do on that is to offer a refund (which i always do if requested even 1 year after first install)

finally if there is something specific you would like to cover and you are able to split those questions into single posts in this site i will be happy to answer them all

The Q&As are nice, but do not replace proper documentation at all. Also, when I look at Kustom, it still amazes me how complex it must have been to implement. In comparison to that, writing proper documentation for something not that complicated like the Formulas you have is IMHO negligible. Therefore, one man show or not, I consider it something quite feasible :)

The reference would take a bit longer just because there's a lot of it. The general mechanisms I'm sure could be described very quickly. I'll post some concrete questions/topics for you if you really need it, but it's kinda hard not knowing how it works in the first place...

I don't want a refund yet, might take you up on that if your support doesn't work out and the bugs that concern me don't get resolved, but it would really be a pity and I don't think they're that hard, considering what you already have...

May I suggest a list of valid parameters such as "mindex" or "EEE" and others which I stumbled upon without finding any detailed documentation for everything that is valid input for a certain function