Progress bar shows battery whenever I set a custom formula

I'm trying to make a signal bar using a progress bar, but whenever I try to set the custom formula, it sets itself to battery, even if it still shows the little calculator on the side of the selection button.
I've tried with a few different formulas, and it always reverts to battery. The formula is saved, it is just being ignored...

Samsung Galaxy S7 Exynos - Brazilian

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EDIT: Nevermind, Solved It, I was doing it wrong!

Hi! So i think you were probably settings a formula in the "Progress" option, in order to have a progress based on a formula you instead need to (i know you already found out but just in case someone else stumbles upon this):

  • Set progress option to "Custom"
  • A "Level" option will appear
  • Select the "Level" option, turn it into a formula by pressing the "calculator" icon
  • Enter any formula who returns a value from 0 to 100 (from 3.20 i will also add a min-max option so it will be easier to make custom progress bars)

Thanks for your question!