Problems with Steps


This is a translation from German.

I bought the KWGT "Widget Pro" and am thrilled.
I have the step counter displayed in the widget. Now I have a problem.
I have "Google Fit" installed. However, the number of steps in the widget does not match those of the app. There are fewer and fewer steps.
I would actually like to use the data from another app as they are more accurate. For example, from the app "Pacer". How is that possible?
Thank You

I have the same issue. Steps are always underreported. The same is true of calories. I updated to the latest beta (3.2.2) in the hope the issue might've been resolved, but it isn't. Both distance and active time are accurately reported.

Support for "other" apps is not planned unless those apps will sync to Google fit, regarding the issue of the Steps thats something reported by some users, i will definitely look into that.

I'm not 100% certain, but it appears as if Kustom only reports your walked steps, but any other kind of steps, like running or jogging, are missed. I know my steps are off by quite a bit, and this seems like it could be part of it. It's very very strange for sure as it's never the exact same, and it's always less than actual.