Problems with displaying calendar events

After the update last night the calendar will randomly stop showing events and only show "--" for a while. If I open KWGT to edit my widget it corrects itself and shows my events again.

Same issue here.

In addition I have a global switch that is toggling itself off and on at random, and frequently getting stuck on and ignoring the touch event that triggers it.

I save the same issue. Randomly, all calendar events from widget disappear. In my case, there's no "--" sign shown. Just an empty space. Touch action doesn't work either, so it's more like the whole stack group item disappears from the widget.

I'm using Nova launcher on a lg g6 and the problem has appeared after last update

The same issue. Not only empty space but also command for color is displayed instead of processed. Sometime helps tapping on the calendar event, sometime doesn't.

Phone: S9+, stock ROM
Launcher: Nova

It looks like this:

And how is the command prepared:

If you don't mind me asking, would you share the widget?

Thank you!

: the issue has disappeared after an update, no more attention is necessary. Thanks