Problem with Weather Condition on Widget

I have a home widget that is set to show the weather as follows

Weather: Actual Temp, Feels like Temp, State

So for example it'd be

Weather: 3°, Feels like 1°, Clear

However, on the widget preview, even tho it shows the Clear part, on the homescreen it doesn't...

So for example, it'd just show

Weather: 3°, Feels like 1°,

Does anyone know why? And how can I fix this, as it really bothers me.

Which formula are you using? Are you sure you are on latest release?

Same here. If I choose as provider I don't get the acutal condition on the wallpaper. Forcing an update show me as data "clear", but on the wallpaper there is just nothing.

I cant find a way to reproduce this, is your locale set to english?

Im on the latest Beta and the formula I'm using is

$tc(ell, wi(cond), 14)$

My local is set to auto. All other providers give me correct condition in German.

Ok, so it might be a locale issue, if you switch to english does the problem fix?

It is the same when I set it to english. Forcing update shows me "rain" but on wallpaper the text is just empty.

Weird, will try to reproduce (i cant yet as it works on my devices)