Problem with klwp not recognizing wifi state


I have a samsung galaxy note 4 in witch I only run klwp (I love it very very much). I created my own theme. It works great but since today, my wifi status (I have a formula so it shows icons insted of connected, enabled and disconnected) and beside it a text that shows to witch wifi I am connected.

Since today everything worked great but today I woke up an wifi status was on enabled as if the phone couldnt connect to wifi. I checked if wifi is working and it is. I opened app klwp and it showed the connected icon and the name of a wifi. But when i left the app it quickly sets back as before.

Best regards


P.S. Sorry for my broken English, I am not a native speaker.

Solved--> I had batery saving mode wich probably confused klwp. Now is working as it should. ☺

Thanks! Very important to know! Will try to set a check on that