Problem with fade in and out

I want to make a one-screen-theme. Therefore I have a space in the middle of the screen (S8) where 6 objects are placed in the same place. I have "buttons" on the side -one for each object.

I want to touch a button that the actual objekt fades out and the object, the button is for, fades in. Therefor I have made 6 globals with touch-function and there toggle global switch and then the name for the 6 objects (office, contact, weather, media, calendar, system).

For each object I have made 6 animations: the first one to fade in (when the global switch is used) and the other 5 to fade out the other objects (also with global switches), that it is equal, which object is shown (every shall fade out except the new one I want to show).

This does not function therefore there must be somethin I do not understand.

Thank you very much for any help.

P.S. I use the nova in free version (or do I need the Pro?).

There is a simpler way for doing this

  • Create a TEXT global, call it "tab" for example, enter as value ""
  • Then in your "office" button add a switch action that will set the "tab" value to the following formula $if(gv(tab) = "office", "", "office")$ which means "if the tab var is already set to office then clear it, if not set it to office"
  • Then add an animation of type FORMULA and use the following value for the Office tab $if(gv(tab) = office, 1, 0)$
  • Do the same for the other tabs

Done, this will make the "tabs" fade in the correct one when clicked, fade it out if clicked again or if you click another one

Hi Frank,

thank you for your help. But I could not get it working. I only get the button faded out (not in again!) so I guess I did not explain my question good enough. Lets try me with pictures:

Here you can see at the first image left my standard desktop I have made. On the right side there are the buttons. In the middle, I have marked with red lines, is the place, where the objects are placed. The objects are stapled groups.

The "heute" button for example gives actual events, image 2, middle.

The "office" button for example gives calendar for two month and links to 4 apps.

All objects have transparent background. If you staple them, you would see nothing clear. Therefore I gues one cannot work with "1" or "0" for last and next, as I have seen in one of your video tutorials.

I have globals for all buttons called as the buttons are named.

I have made a touch function at each button for global swith to the stapled group which has the same name (button office switches the stapled group calles office).

Each stapled group has an animation global switch with the same named global and the action fade in.

With this I can show each stapled group by tap on the same named button and the second tap on the button will fade it out. If I want to change therefore I have alwayx first to tap the button of the actual stapled group to fade it out and then the button for the wished new stapled group. If I see office, I have to tap on the office button to fade it off an tap an the system button, if I want this fade in.

I am sure, there ist a way to tap on the system button (for exampel), if the office stapled group is shown, and KLWP automatically looks, what is actual shown and fades this out and the wished stapled group (here:) system in. If you could help here it would be great!

Thank you for your patience.


Hi Frank,

I have looked a lot around, found CraftMath's Website and there the tutorial about lists and have a list and use your formula from above works great. This 1 and 0 is great to work with.

It is very hard to get into KLWP, but to see what is possible even with minimal knowledge is great. Very great work of you. Thank you very much.

Thanks Frank! This worked perfectly for me as well!!