Problem with clip next module, clips next 2

I have multiple screens in my current setup so many items are set to only show on certain screens. When I set a shape to clip next module, the following module also gets clipped, so clips next 2 modules, but only when I change screens. So, shape with clip fx and (wanted) clipped module are both set to show on screen 6, the very next module will show on screen 6 no problem but once screen is changed, doesn't matter 1 - 5, that next module is then clipped as well. Doesn't matter if next module is set to show always or only on S1, S3, etc, it gets clipped. If I place an unnecessary module, shape set to full transparent, between wanted clipped module and next module then the dummy module is then clipped for each screen (my workaround). I've attached images for reference. Top right of screen is a module labeled Note Conns Rt (notification bar connections right side), notice when the dummy module is placed between S6 Doc and Note Conns Rt, everything shows as it should