Pro key not recognized anymore

Thanks for this great software :)
I bought the pro some times ago on the playstore.
Used the app to make a theme for my new phone then didnt fiddle much in the editor for a while.
Just recently I opened it and it had ads again.
So I uninstalled the pro key and reinstalled it from the playstore. Now it says thank you for going pro when I open the editor then a second later the ads are back.
Can you help me?
Thank you,

I'm getting the same issue. Pro key purchased, pop-up for thanking for going pro and ads persisting.

I'm also unable to use pro features like importing presets.

I found a solution by reinstalling both KLWP and the Pro Key.

It's been 13 days, how come there is no answer from the dev? Isnt this the right channel?

I got an immediate response by leaving a review on the Play Store. They suggested reinstalling both KLWP and the Pro Key and that solved it for me.