Preview and actual home screen do not match up

I've recently changed from a theme with 3 pages to a screen with 2 on the preview it shows that the pages are lined up with the wallpaper. But when I save the wall paper and go back to the home screen I still have 3 pages and the wallpaper is not lined up.

Tried reapplying klwp as the background but didn't do anything.

KLWP is not able to control pages in a launcher you need to adapt your launcher and ensure it has 2 desktops, this cannot be done from KLWP.

AH Of course, chaged the setting in nova launcher now working.


What setting did you change in nova launcher? I know this thread is old, but im making a wallpaper that I NEED precision for.

You need to have in the Launcher the same number of pages that you have in your preset.In Nova for example you need to mantain your finger in the screen and add the desktops that you need. What is the precision that you need?