presets not showing

Sir..I have ah collection for klwp is installed in my phone but when I load presets n click on ah collection it is showing no results...earlier I had used this app and the same ah collection presets it was working fine..but I stopped using it for it was taking much memory on my phone...but I decided to use it once again but now this problem is happening

I need help to further debug this, can you send me an email to [email protected]? This usually happens when some optimization app is trying to block the skin packages to provide files to Kustom, to fix this you need to whitelist the skin packs from any of those apps. For example Purify and Greenify are known to cause this issue and you need to specifically disable what they call "deep hibernation" to solve this. On Samsung the tool called Smart Management has also been reported to cause problems

Thank u sir for helping my problem out..I just uninstalled purify and the presets are now visible..although now my phone had started hanging now..but anyways I appreciate your help

Next version might not require you to do so, it should work regardless