Frank Monza, I have many questions. Please help me.

1. Is there any animation options in KWGT? (especially, is any POPUP option available?)
As far as I could find, I didn't find any and thinking it is not there, I'm asking my next question. If it is there, it would be helpful if you could provide me a Kode or a Formula.

2. Is it available in KLWP?
If the Popup option is available, then please provide me the Kode or the Formula.

If it is not available KLWP also,
+Frank Monza, then please include this feature. Or is there any alternative method using current features to get the same effect as that of a popup? Please guide me with this matter.

I'm trying to recreate widgets from a video. The widgets are Zooper widgets and I'm trying to port them to Kustom, maybe I'll make Komponents. He uses another application called Popup Widget to get the popup effect. Rather than buying another application to get the popup effect to use Zooper, I thought it is better to use Kustom, which is packed with features. I'll enclose the link for Popup Widget here for reference, though it is of no use.


If you didn't understand clearly what I'm asking for, watch this video.

Unfortunately there is no animation possible in KWGT and not even code can do that.. the widgets you are going to make will be just visually creative but for animations, you have only show or hide option on global toggle..

Taking KLWP, YES there is animations available with which you can create that effect.. but have to combine certain animations which together can create that effect, like you want pop-up, then you have to set scale-in and scrolling in a way that it looks like popup.. you have to work once afterwards just copy paste that animations to whatever group you want..

Hope this will help you.. let me know if got confused with something else..