Plz Add Favorites

I am a KWGT user and first of all congratulations for this app.

I believe many of the users would love a favorites feature. Judging by me, I browse the thousands installed presets just to see what I like but when the time comes to actually pick one, I manage hard to find where the few I liked were.

Could you in a future update

- Add a favorites tab and the ability to favorite an individual preset that gets a star icon and can be also seen in the favorites tab.

- Add favorites functionality in the upper level, that of the whole pack, so that the pack gets a star icon and goes on top inside the installed page or appear in the favorites tab.

I haven't use your other apps but if there isn't there a favorites feature either, considered adding it to all of them.

Don't understand why this wasn't a day one feature, there are thousands of presets, having to scroll through all installed is not ideal