Please add KUSTOMCLIP import function, a slightly weaker function than Komponent, but stronger than just copy and paste. and this can be share with other

First explain, what is KUSTOMCLIP? When you copy any item in the Kustom editor, they will all exist in the clipboard in the form of KUSTOMCLIP. You can test it, copy any item, and paste it in a text edit box, and you will see this pattern.

Below I will talk about one of my ideas. If you often use the copy and paste function in the editor, I believe that my idea will be very useful. If you agree with it, please vote and let the developer consider adding this feature.

The current copy and paste process are like this: select one or more items at the same time, copy and paste, but each paste is only valid for the last copied item, and there will be a system clipboard and KUSTOM recognition conflict, which makes it maybe can't paste. like in the Android emulator.

The KUSTOMCLIP import function I envisioned need to be combined with the existing clipboard manager like Gboard have one. For example, I may need to paste multiple different contents at different levels in a certain place, some in one Stack Group, some in other Overlap Group, so I copied Item A, then copied Item B, and copied Item C, and more. There will be multiple KUSTOMCLIPs in the clipboard history, user entered the KUSTOMCLIP import function I mentioned, through the clipboard manager, Select the currently pasted item. like choose item B first, paste the item B's KUSTOMCLIP to the text input box area in this import function, without having to care about the previous copy order, or whether the current system overwrites the clipboard first content make KUSTOM can't recognize it, and KUSTOM will import this Item B's KUSTOMCLIP, just like we copy this Item B and paste it last but actually not.

In addition, not only users can paste the copied KUSTOMCLIP by themselves, but we can even share the KUSTOMCLIP with others more conveniently on the network through this function. I only need to provide a KUSTOMCLIP, others can copy it directly, and in the editor to import it. Without worrying about whether the clipboard contents can be recognized.

I think this is a slightly weaker function than Komponent, but stronger than copy and paste. It'll be useful!

Hope that dear developer can consider adding this feature in all Kustom apps!