KLWP AND KWGT have both.... lost it... on the preferred music player setting...

All the sudden I have no Pandora in the list but I do have File Manager+ and Vault.timerlock and a couple more that are way off base.

I have even tried uninstall twice on KWGT. The second time I made sure to turn off the .... "install with old settings....?" feature.

I probably did something wrong. I mess with everything on here because ... well... long story.



Samsung Note 9 SM-N960U1 (unlocked 512g)

Just thought of something. I'll look at my Note 8 and see what it has.

Hi David, you tried to uninstall and reinstall Pandora? I think that the last versions of the app recognize as music player every app that perform sounds or have file sounds. If you don't have luck an option is post this in the Kustom Official page in G+ here you have more users that maybe can help you.😃👍

Ok. I have not tried that but I will now. Thanks 👍