Pixel KLWP cache problem: loading wrong screen elements

Video here: https://www.reddit.com/r/kustom/comments/12hq9cr/help_glitchy_preference_for_elements_on_third/

Since switching to a Pixel 7, I’ve been experiencing general glitchiness in my KLWP presets that I did not get on my previous device (OnePlus 6) – even when using the same presets on both devices.

I use KLWP and Nova launcher. My presets are centered around 3 screens. The common theme with what I’m experiencing is a “preference” for whatever is on screen 3. When starting my phone, unlocking it, returning to the home screen, or prompting the app drawer, the elements on screen 3 will occasionally appear instead of the elements for screen 2/1. If I touch the screen, or begin scrolling to another screen, the appropriate elements will suddenly reappear.

See the video as an example of the app drawer. This is a very simple setup with three fading images as backgrounds. The other elements are non-kustom widgets. I have another preset with a KLWP music player, and it will do the same thing -- the music player appearing on the wrong screen. Had the same presets for months on my OnePlus with no problems.

I guess this is some sort of cache problem? It doesn’t happen with much regularity when I unlock – but does happen more often when returning to the home screen from another app, and happens 100% on start-up and with the app drawer.