Pixel Icon pack for weather icon


Is it possible to use weather icon from Pixel Icon Pack to create custom weather widget ? And to make the icon change automatically based on the weather condition from the weather provider builtin ? I've tried to add the icon pack, but it can only be done by adding an image within KWGT and I'm not sure if static image file can change automatically.

Another problem is :

- I tried to add location and current weather condition (text), but the data in homescreen and within the formula editor is different (see attached).

Thank you

The data you see in the editor is just "fake" until proper weather is loaded, please ignore what you see in the editor (also ensure you are on latest release). Regarding the images Kustom cannot currently load them from an icon pack through a formula, you have to extract the images from the pack and store them in a Kustom Weather pack, instructions on how to create one are HERE

I managed to make it proper by :

- changing the weather provider

- force update the weather

- set network refresh to 30 mins

If I ignore what is in editor, the alignment of the text widget (as in the screenshot) is not properly aligned, that's why I need to see the same style in editor and homescreen.

I will try to follow the instruction regarding the images, and I hope I can do this from a pc with the phone connected as storage ?



Is this the correct way to do the extracted images ? I use your upload zip in xda, extracted them in pc, copy it to sd card in the correct Komponent folder. However, as you mentioned already, I can't see the image each time it is assigned. This could lead to mistakenly assigned, as there are several same prefix image (see attached). Hope I can make it properly :)