Permissions when using Huk template

Hello, I bought pro license and downloaded Huk templates. I love kwgt for its ability to custom every aspects. However, when I tried to use Huk template to show: weather, phone battery, unread email (gmail) and unread sms, it asked for those features permissions.

I'm using xiaomi redmi note 3 and after I gave the permissions and I check in the phone permission, it gives correct permission. However, what happen if I delete the widget I created. Will all the permissions recalled or not? Should I go to permission settings and takes back one by one permissions granted before?


Permissions are given to the KWGT engine, once you give them this permission will not be revoked until you either uninstall KWGT or remove them from the Android security settings. There is currently no way to revoke permissions runtime and Kustom is currently only checking when it needs them not when it doesnt need them anymore.

Thank's for your reply.