Performance in loading app (v3.24)


with the last update (v3.24) the app, when started, takes up to 30 sec to load vs the usual 5-7 sec.

This behavior has been experienced with the same preset being loaded.


Does this happen with any preset also the builtins?

it seems not...

Anyway after some days of usage, it seems that it do not happen always but only few times...

Maybe it could also depend on how many apps are running in that specific moment and it could be not related to the update but the only strange thing is that I've been experiencing this only after the last update.

If you have no other warnings about this behavior I can even continue to use the app and keep monitoring it.


Ok, closing this for now, if it happens again please use the "Android Bug Report" method as explained here: just after it happens and then send the data at [email protected] i will look into it