Padding on text objects also resizes text box

I have a layout with a text element inside of a komponent. The text is set to "fixed width". When I align the text layer to the left of the komponent and add left padding. As padding is added, the text moves over to the left as expected and the red outline of the text layer expands the expected amount but the actual size of the text box seems to decrease. The text wraps sooner and sooner as padding is added almost as if right padding is being added as well.

This does not seem to be an expected behavior because it seems to be somewhere in between a box-sizing of border-box and one of content-box (to use web styling analogies).

Try putting a transparent rectangle behind the text with the width of the width of the fixed width text,and see if this solve the problem.

My solution was to put the text with no padding in an overlap group and add padding to the overlap group - that works just fine.