Overlap Groups Not Displaying on Home Screen

To start, this is what my screen is supposed to look like.

When you tap one of the overlap groups on the bottom third of the screen, it expands into the middle and reveals different app icons.

At some point yesterday, they disappeared. I was still able to touch and interact with them, and the app shortcuts that I keep inside were still responsive. It's like the circle just went entirely see-through.

I tried restarting the phone, and when it started back up the missing overlap groups had returned, but when I tapped one, the app icons were missing. They were still responsive to touch.

Going back into the app after this, the preview still looked as it was supposed to (like in the first screenshot). When I tried saving, the whole thing started over.

I've tried messing with opacity, dim, brightness, changing color, uninstalling, reinstalling, etc. So far, nothing has worked. Anyone have any ideas?

If it matters, the skin I'm using is called Tidy by John-Ivar, and my Kustom version is v3.37

3,37 have a little bugs, if your problem persist, probably are this bugs, you can wait a few days to solve this with a new update of the version, if you want you can downgrade to 3,36. Here you have the previous versions. To downgrade, you need to erase the actual version and install the previous version before.


Thank you!