Overlap group rotation bug

Reddit user /u/no_you_hang_up seems to have stumbled apon a bug, and I have investigated it; details below

The user posed an export with overlap groups that contain circles and icons, the groups rotate inverted, react on a global switch. But the icons were not able to be touched. My initial thought was that another item might be blocking the icons.

But apon further investigation I discovered the issue seems to be with the rotation animation. In the linked export,


I have created 2 copies of the reddit users overlap group. The first, the rotation amount is 100, the second, the user's desired 50.

Notice that if you touch the icons in either overlap group the "launch app" command works as expected on both. However, if you toggle the global switch on and play the animation the first group rotates 100 and touch works as normal, but the second group (witch only rotated 50) the icons do not activate the "launch app" command anymore.

The stack group can be rotated either 1 or 100 and the touch will still work, but it seems anything in between somehow disables the touch until the animation is reversed.

Thank you for your time, I hope that this is helpful for the development of the app.

My apologies if I have made a mistake in posting this as a bug.

Original reddit thread:

Confirmed, but in my case it was with rotation triggered by gyroscope. When you select the shape whith the trigger in the editor and play the animations, you'll see it gets really strange rotation, like it would have some big radius added.

I think this is the same situation as described here , so I'll add to it rather than start a new report.

I have a stack group inside an overlap group. The overlap group is rotated 300 degrees. The result is the visuals being placed as expected, but the touch area not respecting the rotation (at least I think that's what is happening).

I have some screen shotd to try and demonstrate what I mean.


I'm a bit number that this report is two years old and its still a bug. My workaround is using a stacked group and position shapes over the icons I want to have touch actions for without rotating. Add the touch functions then you can make them completely transparent so that they are in front of the rotated Icons but not visible. Very time consuming though.