Org.kustom.wallpaper.editor running when editor has not been opened

In an effort to track down what is utilizing my phone’s CPU, I run a process that monitors what is running and the amount of CPU it is taking up.

While looking through the results, I see a process called org.kustom.wallpaper.editor that is running periodically (although I don’t think it is a contributor to my issues). However, I have not opened the editor in weeks now.

So this seems a bit odd to me. Can anyone explain this? Thanks

Of you run KLWP then the editor process might be spawn for multiple reasons like when you click something on the wallpaper, the editor process it’s just a process it doesn’t necessarily mean that the actual editor is running. Impact on battery should be zero.

Thanks Frank. As I said, I did not think it a contributor to my issues. It was just a mystery. Cheers