Oreo App Loading

I've upgraded to Oreo on my Pixel XL, and noticed that opening app links from my klwp home screen had a significantly longer delay than before. Is this a bug? Can anyone else confirm?

I should mention that loading apps from the app drawer is unaffected

This should happen only if you go home pressing the "home" button and then try to open a link within 5 seconds, that happens because apparently the workaround we had with Nova to ensure no delay was happening is now broken on O, i am trying to find a fix but it looks like its a problem on the Launcher, did you report it to the Launcher team too? Can you confirm this is the case?

I can confirm that waiting 5 seconds after hitting the home button on Nova launcher fixes this app loading problem.

Can you recommend a different launcher maybe?

Currently Launchers supporting the delay trick are the following:

Can you try one of the others and see if the problem persists? If not its a Nova issue and we can ask the dev to fix it, if its the same on all then we have a general problem, i am also debugging the problem in the meanwhile.

On that list, I have Action Launcher. The issue persists.

Thank you for your quick responses and attention

This has been fixed in the next beta, should be out today, thanks for reporting