Open new windows with KWGT

Hi, friends. I bought the Pro Key for KWGT. I use the Resurrection Remix Custom Rom (Nougat 7.1.2) for my old Samsung NOTE 4. I wanted to use the Stock Weater Widget from R.Remix with Go Launcher, but there is a problem: The digital clock is not visible. That's why I want to make my own widget with KWGT. It's very easy, I've managed to quickly make a weather widget. But I do not like it, it's too overloaded.

So, I want to do like the R.Remix widget: when you click on the widget, then a new window opens with a lot of info about the weather and forecasts for coming days. In this way:

But I have looked for info on how to do this (click and open new window) with KWGT with no luck. Can someone point me towards the solution ?.

Many thanks, best regards.

Right now this can be done only with an external tool like Popup Widget, there is no native way to do this in KWGT (yet)

Ok, Frank. I hope you can implement this soon, I think it's an interesting option. Thanks for your software.

One more question.

Would it be possible to create a Tasker App Factory (with the KWGT plugin) that will show the forecast and additional information that can be invoked from KWGT widget?