Open calendar item broken $ci(url, 0)$ in KLWP, but works in KWGT

I've added calendar items to my KLWP using $ci(title,0)$ and set an Action: Open Link: $ci(url,0)$ does nothing when the calendar item is tapped.

The exact same formulas works perfectly in KWGT so I'm assuming this may be a bug?

Running KLWP Pro 3.27b725315

Are you using a MIUI device? If not, do you have multiple calendar apps and didnt pick a default?

Hi Frank,

I'm using a Note8 and am using the Samsung Calendar app. It is set as default. It works perfectly in KWGT but doesn't work at all in KLWP. Touches on the text don't even register force feedback. They do in KWGT

Any updates on this one? Would love to get this functionality working since it works fine with KWGT. Thanks!

I also have a note 8 and it will not work in klwp but works just fine in kwgt. I have only one calender and it is the stock one.

Good to see that I'm not the only one and doing something wrong since I'm new with klwp. Here's to hoping this gets resolved sometime soon!

I met the same problem. It doesn't work in klwp. But it does work in kwgt

Hoping for an update on this?


Any chance this is still being investigated? It was first reported 6 months ago. Still occuring on Note8 and S9.

This has been broken on Samsung devices for 8 months. Will it not ever be fixed?

Hoping for an update. This is still broken.

Does not work for me in KWGT currently. urld either. Stock android 9.

Got links to open calendar to work by installing google calendar. Samsung stock calendar doesnt seem compatible