One of the best phone application I been through

I just wanna say thank you for all the developers being through the development. It’s so brilliant and brave ideas for whatever you have done so far.
Thank you again, and keep it going…
I know you already knows about all the issues already and probably you are working hard to finalize it. But i just need to mention some of it if u don’t mind. Maybe by the time you guys done with it. It will one of the top best application in the market.

List of some of the issues i been through:
Calendar unread messages counts.
Whatsapp unread messages counts.
Few other like that too…
Battery arc is not moving or getting animated.
Storage folder is not saving your work its empty on S23 ultra phone.
The application does save only 1 watch face of your work and NOT MORE than 1 in the phone galaxy wear application.
And im sure there is a lot more issues… i didnt get the chance to go through them yet…

And im sure lots people will be happy by the time you resolve all the issues.

I really appreciate so much your hard work. By the time you guys are done with the development, you should sell it by double the price you have now.
Because It’s worth it.
Thank you again.

Many thanks! Please ensure proper issues topics are open for the things you mentioned so we can track them properly

Hi there,
I have already did so many time. No solutions yet. You can check them out.

Thank you