Odd Next Alarm Behavior

I have only seen this once in many months of using KLWP. So perhaps a 1-time only issue. But it was strange. In one of my wallpaper items on my LG V40, Android 9 phone the formula $tf(si(alarmd))$ was displaying information from an old alarm that had since been deleted - with absolutely no alarms remaining. I tried all sorts of things to get rid of this. I flushed the cache from KLWP, the clock app I use (Google), and the built-in clock app (LG). I then rebooted. No changes. Finally, I tried entering a new alarm in 5 minutes using the clock app, saw that KLWP changed to reflect this, and then deleted that new alarm. This finally caused KLWP to show nothing for the formula above. I am sure I could never reproduce this. But FYI.