Notifications, delay after unlock

Welcome, I started using this app and I'm very satisfied with its functionality, but before donating I would like to ask a few questions:

1. After unlocking the screen, it usually takes a second or two before the Kustom lock screen shows up, can something be done about it?

2. Is there a way to place notifications on this lock screen?

Hi! For the first, normally the lockscreen shows instantly in your phone when you wake up it. Are you using a preinstalled lockscreen? you have your phone lockscreen disabled? What is your phone and your OS Nougat, Oreo?

For the second part you can add a komponent with notifications in the preset, you can search for one in the Kustom Gallery>Komponents, and put it in your preset. I have one lockscreen preset and a notification komponent (are free and in the K. Gallery😂😂) if you want I can give you the link to this. But I recommend you to search the K. Gallery , here you have free and paid Klck Lockscreens and notif komponents.

Thanks, I'll have a look!

Not sure what do you mean by "preinstalled lockscreen". I installed KLCK, loaded one of the default presets and added some app shortcuts to it.

My lockscreen is enabled (pattern). I'm running Android 8.1 on Nexus 5.

Yes default presets jaja🤣(I'm spanish and are situations that I don't use well the words🤣😂 excuse me)

I'm not using Klck and when I use it I don't use security, maybe you can post your problem in the G+ Kustom Official page, here you have many users and moderators that can help you best than me in this topic.

Probably the problem is your lockscreen enabled, you can try to test Klck with your lockscreen disabled and see if this solve the problem

I believe that's not an option, I need screen lock protection.

Unless I can also implement the lock pattern in KLCK...

If you need security, you need to have your lockscreen enabled. You can't create a security pattern in Klck.