Notification editor stopped reacting to on touch

Touch doesn't work, tried opening an app and launch shortcut, neither worked.

If you are in a MIUI phone, maybe this post can help you

I'm testing now a notification in the notification panel and the app that I have in touch launched as intended, maybe is a permission problem.


The touch function worked before in all three kustom apps. Tested some more and found that the touch only works when applied to the root of the editors

Touch on a shape doesn't work on all kustom apps on my phone and tablet

I think the last update, 3.44, have some bugs, maybe this is one of them, you can downgrade to the 3.43 if you want.

If you mean that you have a widget in Kwgt and apply a touch to open an app and this don't work, I have Kwgt 3.44 version and it's working in my screen to open an app, maybe is brand phone related, I'm in Samsung Galaxy s6 Nougat OS.

I can't verify this in Klwp because I'm in the 3.43 version, the touchs work perfect in this version, and I don't want to update it at this moment😁

No, it's not in the widget of kwgt, but in the notification editor of kwgt

I tested the Notification editor (the new option that you have to create a notification in the notification panel) and I tested it with 3 options and all work well when I tap it in the editor, a banner with Launch app The app Edit

I tested it with a fonticon

a shape inside an Overlap group

a shape in the root of the widget

Maybe you can create a debug file and send it to the developer to see what is the problem.

I've given up on the notification editor, but thanks for your help 😊

You are welcome Carla!!!

To be honest I see some users reporting issues with the last update in many phones, maybe this is the problem and you can solve this with a downgrade to the 3.43 version.

I'm a user like you, if you want we are in a Discord server for Kustom apps you can ask and answer questions of the users, and you have a good organized server with different channels to take part and a very good users community😁👍