Notification Count is Off

I've been using (and loving) KWLP for about a week. I've noticed a couple issues that I hope have solutions. First, I'm on a Galaxy Note 9 with Android 8.1.

The issues: on the lockscreen, I have two album art covers (one a blurred, dimmed background with full coverage and the other a normal image that fits inside the width of the screen). I'm using this line of code to set the opacity of each: $if(mi(state)=PLAYING, 100, 0)$. Sometimes none of the album art shows up even when music is playing. What's stranger is that when I go into KWLP, it says the opacity is currently at 100, so it should be showing.

The other issue is I'm using the following code to set the size of the smaller album art: $if(ni(count)=0, 620, 0)$. This way, if I have notifications showing, I hide the overlay album art and I'm just left with the nice blurred background + notifications. Sometimes notification counts seem stuck and even when I don't have any notifications, the size still gets set to 0. I do have permanent notifications, but those don't impact anything since those are returned with pcount.