Not all weather icons work

There are weather icon sets in case of which it seems that not every item within a set works properly. For example: although there is an icon for light snow ("lsnow"), it doesn't show itself while "snow showers". Or it doesn't show rain icon while "rain".

The set which behaves like this is "Weather Class" ( link ). The set which works well in those cases is "BB Freebies" ( link ).

I'm not sure if I'm doing anything wrong, or it is something with the set itself... I use KLCK in English.

I tried various weather providers, to no avail.

Are there a different weather codes which I could use to fix "wrong" weather icon set?

Is it possible to ascribe two or more weather codes for a single icon? The "Weather Class" set uses this code for a single icon (adjusting its opacity):

$if(gv(icon)=lsnow & (ai(isday)=1 | gv(nightico)=0), 100, 0)$

You need to see in the "wi" codes for now weather, or "wf" codes for forecast weather, what is the icon that Kustom app is using, and see if this pack have this icon.

Yes, the designer can use many if conditions that he need to acomplish what he want

Here he are saying

If the gv(icon)(here you choose for current, 1 day , 2days,etc,) is equal to lsnow and(&) is daylight(ai(isday)=1) or (|) (gv(nightico)=0) you don't choose to use night icons, 100% opacity, if not 0% opacity(transparent).

Maybe he don't put an icon for snow showers weather.

The weird is the rain, this need to work.

Maybe you can contact the developer and explain your problem.