no results

I just bought the pro version and it shows no results on every widget package I have installed. I don't have greenify o purify installed either.

Hi, can you try Ocea and see if Ocea pack works? Its in the featured list. If that pack works and the other does not it means that there is some app LIKE greenify or purify that prevents Kustom Packs to show their skins, this is not something i can fix. The reason why Ocea works and the other does not is that Ocea has a proper activity and exposes a real application while the others are just skins provider. The new APK Maker app for Kustom will create by default packs with a default app associated so this will not happen again on new packs.

If you want me to debug this further or you want a refund please email to [email protected]

ocea makes kwgt crashes so it doesn't work either.

nothing works in this app i swear

kwgt crashing? thats not possible, can you please send me an email to [email protected] so i can better debug your issue, there must be something wrong with your device