Nexus 6P + KLWP Pro + Nova: Live Wallpaper Buttons not activating


Android: 7.1.2

KLWP Pro: 3.2.5

Nova Launcher 5.3

Hi all,

I've recently been trying to get custom wallpaper presets sorted out for my phone.

So far I've tried probably 15+ themes from 5+ authors and every time I load a new preset, testing button functionality in the KLWP App works fine, but when I apply the wallpaper, the same buttons don't work.

I've checked that I have the right amount of screens set, and I've made sure the Nova dock is disabled.

I've also tried remapping the functions within the KLWP App, and they still don't work on the live wallpaper. I've also made new shapes and added touch links to them, confirmed that they work in the KLWP App only for them not to work on the live wallpaper.

Is there any specific configuration I need to make in Nova or KLWP to get this stuff working?

Is there any other information I can provide to help diagnose the issue?

Thanks for the help,


Please check the following:

  • Nothing in Nova is covering the touch area in Kustom, for example the dock a widget or something
  • You are not running MIUI 8.x, MIUI has an issue that prevents Kustom to execute apps
  • You did not disable somehow touch to the wallpaper in Nova settings, not sure if Nova allows that

Hi Frank,

Can confirm, I have no widgets or anything that might be sitting on top of Kustom.

Am running stock google firmware on my Nexus 6P - Not using Xiaomi or their firmware.

Have had a look and have not seen any options for touch settings.

Can you install another live wallpaper and confirm that touch works on those?

Hi Frank,

Have installed many live wallpapers through KLWP, none work.

Swapped out to Google Now Launcher and the wallpapers work, but I couldn't figure out how to remove the google search bar so I have given up.