next alarm incorrect - reports next "time event" instead

Updated my phone to Android 9 Pie and noticed that the next alarm function (alarmt) is no longer displaying the actual next alarm correctly.

Instead it shows the next "time event" I have set, whether that's a task or reminder or alarm.

For example, I use Tasker and have a task set to occur at 6:30am and my alarm clock is set to 8am. KLWP will report the next alarm as being 6:30AM. Only after 6:30 has passed will the next alarm update to 8.

Oneplus 5T

Android 9.0.3 Pie

KLWP 3.38b903016

I discovered the issue and would like to close out this ticket.

Turns out it was a Tasker problem and a setting called Reliable Alarms for anyone experiencing this issue. Turn off this setting for KLWP to function correctly with Tasker.