newbi to klwp

newbi to klwp, former iOS fanboy, have a couple of ? do it take min 5 min to load a theme ?? and it works not at first attempt ! have a zte c2017 4gb ram.some themes are locked ( downloaded from !! but will pay for them when I get it to work ) so cant save the changes, I translate something to danish in the themes. and it get lost when trying another theme.

And how do I change the add from were someone of the themes get the new from ?

Hi, so a theme should not take 5 mins to load, if you have a theme that takes so long please email it to me at [email protected] saying that it takes that long and i will try to see what can be done to improve the speed, for locked themes i cannot do much, if its locked than it cannot be exported so every change you make it will be lost, you need to get in touch with the author if you want an unlocked version.