New kustom app

A new kustom app that would allow for screen overlays, basically KLWP but always activated, allowing you to create things such as the apple dynamic island or the Samsung sidebar menu.


better way to say would be to app that functions as overlay editor

Yes this is exactly what I am thinking about, is there any app like this already?

not that I know of any. sorry. but this would be perfect since dev already has implemented editor it would be easier for dev.

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@frank is this possible to have added to the kustom app suite?

This is planned for KLCK, the lock screen is already an overlay I need to add a way to manage multiple presets, allow non full screen stuff and different ways of triggering the layer but basic stuff is there. This is something fairly complex so I can’t give any timeline


My only question is, you said KLCK, so does this mean it would only work on the lock screen?

from response seems like for now it only triggers on lockscreen, but he says there will be place for such future to trigger overlay anywhere even when not in lockscreen. honestly, I am excited because with this feature combined with the tasker there will be promising new projects based upon customized popup idea.

So it works on the lock screen at the moment?

yep, but kind of since lockscreen only support one overlay at the moment which is main that is used by klck. so, at the moment there isn’t multiple overlays, but it will be in future, I hope there will be multiple overlays like each one with its own logic like separate environment. I can’t wait for it!

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If this does get implemented, may we get the ability to pull incoming calls information?

is it not possible to get call info through the tasker?