Nested if-then-else

More than 4 or 5 nested if-then-else is tedious

Can't we imagine a function that looks like this :

$ (ON gv(Number), value1, value2, value3) $ ?

(Number=2 returns value2)


although it is not exactly what you are suggesting, but $if$ already supports multiple conditions, see:

For example,
gv(Number) = 1, value1,
gv(Number) = 2, value2,
gv(Number) = 3, value3,
"All other cases here"

Thank you for your suggestion of using IF / THEN / Else which I knew,

3 occurrences are no problem, imagine the readability of 15 or more values. In this sense, the most elegant solution I have found is the use of:
Gv (list, gv (number)).
Gv (number) being the index of the list. Index zero must be the first number, otherwise the 1st element of the list is skipped.
However, the function I proposed avoids the creation of globals.
To be continued if the votes are numerous.