NC Dtypes and Csig for the second SIM

Hi there, need help.

Klwp 3.43b931910

Question 1=I wanted to show network connectivity info of the second SIM, how to do?

$nc(dtypes, 1)$ doesn't give network type of the second SIM. Seems to be that for SIM1. Proof=B older phone 2nd Sim only allow one 4G.

$nc(csig, 1)$ also doesn't show for one particular phone. Another phone running the same klwp version works. Proof= both Sim show exact same signal level at all times.

Question2= for each command

$nc(dtypes, X)$

What's possible numbers for X? And their meaning? Does 0=sim1 and 1=sim2?

Thank you

On my phone (Samsung A52) the network type for the 2nd SIM is displayed ONLY if it is the default DATA SIM.