My data creation folder

Where can i find my watch creation folder and all the data on my phone s23 ultra.
So i can copy it and save it as a backup.
I did create a folder in the general setting. But looks empty. If even i save my creation’s watches.

Thank you

It should be inside Kustom/watchfaces. The “Kustom” folder is the folder you selected as the main folder during the initial setup. You can check where that is by going to KWCH’s app settings >> General settings >> Main storage >> Select folder.

Thank you so much for your help. I really do appreciate it.
YES, you’re right. I think the application got corrupted somehow… ! That’s why i been having ao many issues.
The main folder i created inside KWCH application storage section called Kustom. Has 4 folders in it and one file. All of them has 0 bytes. Means all empty.

And that’s why i been having problems. Idk why!
I have to uninstall the app. And install it back i guess.
That means I’m gonna lose all the work i have done and start from the beginning. Even the galaxy wear application has only one of KWCH creations i have done!
Thanks again.

Here we are again.
I unistall the Kwch app. And install a new one. I created a folder called kustom through the app/ general setting/ storage/ kustom.
And i create new watch face.
No informations is been saved, not even a single one inside the 4 folders located inside kustom. All 0 bytes, even tho i saved my creations 20 times.
Thank you