Music widget falls asleep

Widget for musci player (PowerAMP) falls asleep after 5 minutes of work. It does not respond to the first click and album cover disappears. How to make it permanently active? Making the app system didn't help.

This may be why my music title and artist seem to go off grid as well.

I have the artist and song name displayed in the side of my screen and over time it moves across it until its eventually off screen.

I use MIUI 8, and I discover that it happens only when I clean RAM by built-in system security utility. I thought that making KWGT as system app will solve the problem, but it didn't.

I set limit for letters in this fields and text and covers doesn't go over the edges of widget

Same problem. After a while music track name and artist dissappear from the screen if you are not listening or doing anything with player. Problem appears to happen only after latest update (3.30). Also use Power Amp.

Resolved by not allowing Kwgt for memory optimization