Music progress bar does not update on KWGT

Problem with music progress bar, progress happening with 4-6 sec breaks.

This is normal, Kustom Widget cannot update more than once every 5/6 secs when music is playing and it will update once every minute when music is not playing, from the FAQ:

"Android Widgets do not know if they are currently displayed or not, this means that they will run also when you are using another app like a browser (even if Kustom widget never updates when screen is off it still doesn't know if you are actually looking at it or not when screen is on), so, from a technical point of view KWGT could update every second but the feature has been disabled to avoid battery issues or performance issues when very complex presets are being used. This could change in the future if Android OS or Launchers will add a better support for this"

Make an overlap and put 2 shapes in it, one as BG color and one on top for progress. Then use either <shapewidth>*mi(percent)/100 or <shapewidth>*mi(pos)/mi(len) for top shape width and have it anchor left. Will update every second. Although pauseing then playing resets the elapsed time for some reason.

What? How? I can not follow.